Portable Tetherball Set
Take some tetherball action with you everywhere you go with the Portable Tetherball Set. The set is equipped with a sturdy 1-1/2" aluminum three-piece pole that stands 9' tall, along with an aluminum base that anchors to the ground with a 12" welded center spike and three 16" tripod arms. No need to pour cement or dig a hole to set up a fun tetherball game. Plus, the set's soft-touch tetherball is easier on the hands and forearms than most tetherballs, so you won't feel beat up after a competitive game. And the ball connects tenaciously to the pole thanks to the 7' nylon tether and easy-hook carabineer. Ready to move on? Simply collapse the tetherball set and store it inside the handy carrying bag.
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1-1/2""x9-1/2' Galvanized Steel, Push Button lock assembly
Pole with built-in Tri-Pod base and center pole anchor
Soft Touch – Radial design with hidden metal cord attachment insert
HD Swivel and 8MM Nylon cord tether connection
Ball Pump
Included: 3 – 10" Tri-Leg Anchoring Stake Allows you to play tetherball on any grassy area.

Inspect equipment before each use making sure all hardware, pole sections and ball are secure.

Park & Sun Sports® assumes no liability for misuse of product.

The Portable Tetherball Set has been designed for use on firm soil conditions. It is not recommended in rocky, sandy or soft soil conditions as this will affect the stability of the set.