Spectrum™ 2000 Volleyball Net System
The Spectrum™ 2000 Professional level outdoor volleyball net system offers great performance and is a snap for quick set-up and portability.

1-3/4" two-piece telescopic aircraft aluminum volleyball poles with push-button locking systems for three easy height adjustments (men's height - 8', women's height - 7'4", and coed height - 7'8"). With a 3'x32' slip-on volleyball net designed for maximum "ball-out-of-net-play.", and 1/4" pull-down guy line system with tension rings and the 10" steel ground stakes provide maximum tension and quick set-up and adjustments. This system also includes a pre-measured volleyball boundary with corner anchors, a boundary cord winder, and the equipment bag completes the set.
Available Volleyball Net Colors:
Park and Sun Sports Blue Spectrum 2000 Volleyball System thumbnail Park and Sun Sports Spectrum 2000 Volleyball System thumbnail
1-3/4" Telescopic outdoor volleyball poles, 2-piece "Aircraft-Aluminum"; Three playing official volleyball height adjustments: men's official height 8', Coed 7'8", and women's official height 7'4"
Three playing height adjustments: 8', 7'8", and 7'4"
3'x32' Professional sleeve outdoor volleyball net with 2" bindings
1/4" Pull-down™ guylines with tension rings and 10" Steel stakes
1/4" Pre-measured volleyball boundary, corner anchors and cord winder Equipment bag, with full zipper and carrying straps

Important notice and care for all telescopic poles.
It is extremely important that poles are clean or cleaned before and after each use. This will prolong the life and cosmetics of your equipment and eliminate any potential jamming caused from sand or dirt entering into the telescopic poles.

Net Tensioning
guyline diagram Lean the base of the pole towards the inside center of the court approximately 18". Pull-down on the guyline tension ring or handle for the Spectrum Classic and Spectrum 2000, pull up on the guyline tension rings for the other net systems. Stand the pole upright. This procedure provides maximum net tension.

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