Tournament 4000 Outdoor Volleyball Net System
The Tournament 4000 Outdoor Volleyball Net System was designed for professional outdoor use. This comprehensive kit includes all you need to set up a permanent grass or sand court and includes a durable equipment bag to store and transport it all. This professional grade volleyball system includes 4" x 12-1/2' aluminum poles with zinc-plated hardware to resist the elements. The net is a 39" x 32' steel cable with side dowels and lever ratchet. The boundary markers in the kit are pre-measured for grass and or sand play. Two height adjustment options for men (8') and women (7'4") makes this volleyball set the perfect choice for anyone.
Available Colors:
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4" x 12-1/2' (one piece) Aluminum outdoor volleyball poles with zinc plated hardware
Two playing height adjustments: 8' and 7'4"
39" x 32' Steel cable outdoor volleyball net with side dowels & lever ratchet
Pre-measured boundary for grass and/or sand play
Equipment storage bag for net and accessories