BC-WEB Beach Volleyball Webbing Boundary
A great accessory for any outdoor volleyball court, the BC-WEB adjustable 1" volleyball webbing boundary is easy to use and designed for long-lasting use.

This 1" boundary is perfect for sand or grass play and is adjustable to FIVB standards. It includes four 10" ABS corner stakes with bungee cord attachments, and durable plastic buckles that allow for proper adjustment to court boundary.

Available Colors:
BC-WEB Volleyball Webbing Boundary thumbnail BC-WEB Volleyball Webbing Boundary, stake thumbnail
Adjustable web boundary for sand and/or grass play
Offers regulation-size court dimensions, 30' x 60'
Adjustable to FIVB standards: 8m x 16m
Includes (4) 10" corner stakes with bungee cord
Plastic buckles ensure adjustment to court boundary