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Best Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Systems! For Use On Sand, Grass Or On The Beach.
The Original Volleyball Net Sleeve Set That Is Easy To Use And Ultra Portable;
Used By AVP America And Recreational And Competitive Players Across The World #ParkandsunVolleyball



Over 38 years ago, we created a game-changing volleyball net system with telescoping, aluminum standards that can be easily adjusted to three playing heights (men - 8’, women - 7’4", and coed - 7’8"), and our original slip-on sleeve net design. Our volleyball net systems have set a new standard for quality and innovation, and our Spectrum Classic™ net system continues to be the top choice of tournament directors and competitive players.
its excellent portability and quick setup, the Spectrum™ series is unmatched.

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Upgrade to a webbing boundary, or
package with a Sand Disc Kit and SAVE

Portable Spectrum Classic volleyball net system


Nearly over four decades ago, in 1984, Park & Sun Sports embarked on a path covered in grass and sand.
Geared towards quality and innovation, Park & Sun’s pursuit of invention in the Volleyball world has always been in our DNA. Developed in the spirited pursuit of function, performance and reliability, each Industry’s First achievement represents a celebrated milestone along Park & Sun’s journey from past to present, ready to embark on another decade.


Could you imagine Volleyball with no color? Neither could we, which is why we introduced the original bright, colored volleyball nets.


We dressed volleyball up and gave the volleyball net sleeves. Which provided superior ball out of net play, all while standing out!


To set-up a portable volleyball set, you had to lug around heavy steel poles, that would get jammed or not go together. Which is why we introduced lightweight and telescopic aluminum poles, that were easy to carry store, and most of all, put up. And with easy push-button height adjustment, you can change the height in seconds.


To make the set-up even easier, we introduced tensioning guylines, by effortlessly pulling down on a handle, you would have a professionally tight net that lasted through all kinds of play.

Often Imitated, but not Duplicated.

Demand the Original, Demand the Best!

Volleyball Series

Best Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Systems For Use On Grass Sand Or On The Beach.
The original volleyball net sleeve set that is easy to use and ultra portable;
Used by AVP America, recreational, and competitive players across the world #ParkandsunVolleyball

Park and Sun Sports | 38 Years of Innovation in Volleyball

Meta Description: Park & Sun Sports is the leading volleyball equipment manufacturer, specializing in innovative products for beach, indoor & backyard play. Shop now for high-quality volleyballs, nets, poles, and more!
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The Badminton Sport net system is designed with premium, steel poles that measure 1" in diameter, and features a push-button locking system, allowing for quick setup.

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