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Portable Outdoor PICKLEBALL

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The game of pickleball goes where you go with the Park & Sun Sports Adjustable Portable Pickleball Set. Set up a game in the driveway, the park - or anywhere with a flat surface. Net adjustS from 15’, 18, and 21’

  • 1“x21’ steel crossbar with 1.25”x36” net supports
  • Adjustable 30” tall net with 4” sleeves, 1” top and bottom net tape with Velcro tensioner
  • 2 wooden pickleball paddles

This quick and easy, super-portable pickleball net is 21’ long and 36” high for practice or a friendly game. The net goes over the frame via easy side sleeves, and features 1” high-visibility top tape and easy tension straps.

The frame is made of 1” tubular steel, finished in black and designed with 1-1/4” diameter support stands, 36” wide end stands so it stays up during the match. This complete set also includes 2 wooden rackets, 3 plastic pickleballs, and a convenient carry bag for the whole setup.

Sets up in minutes
Frame1“x21’ steel crossbar with 1.25”x36” net supports
Net30” tall x 21’-18'-15' wide with 4” sleeves, 1” top and bottom net tape with Velcro tensioner
Paddles2 wooden pickleball paddles with soft handle grip and full print
Balls2 - Plastic pickleballs
Equipment BagCarry bag with full zipper
Weight17 lbs.
Basic Quick Start Pickleball Rules
Pickleball Court


  • Perform a coin toss and the winner can choose one of the following
    a - The right to receive or serve. The loser can choose the side of court
    b - The side of court and the loser can choose the right to serve or receive.
  • At the start of each game and every time the total score is an even number, the serve is from the right side of the service court. (Example: 12 serving to 10 is a total of 22 an even number)
  • When the total score is an odd number, then the serve is from the left side of the court.
  • The serve must be underhand, hit below the server’s waist, and the server must keep both feet behind the back line.
  • The ball has to be served diagonally cross court clearing the 7ft no volley zone and reaching the receiver’s service court to be an acceptable serve.
  • Each team must play their first shot off of the bounce. That is, the receiving team must let the serve bounce once and the server must let the return bounce. The players can then either volley or let the ball bounce once. Volleying is prohibited inside the “no volley” zone.
  • If the ball hits the net but still reaches the service court area, it is good and should be played.
  • If the server swings and misses when serving, it is a fault.
  • Points are only scored by the side that serves and the server continues until the team makes a fault.


  • If it is a good serve, players hit the ball back and forth over the net in the air making a volley.
  • The ball can bounce once until one player fails to return the ball or until a player hits the ball to the ground on the opponent’s side un-returned.
  • The serve must clear the “no volley” zone. Receiving team must let the ball bounce once and the serving team must also allow the ball to bounce once. After these two bounces, players can either volley the ball or bounce the ball. Volleying is prohibited inside the non-volley zone.
  • The ball is out of play if it lands outside the court or fails to go over the net.
  • Any ball that lands on the line is considered inbounds and playable.
  • If a player touches the net with his paddle or gets hit by the ball or hits the ball before it crosses the net, it is considered a fault.