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Volley Flex Portable Outdoor Volleyball Set

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Tournament Momentum volleyball system includes everything needed for a fun and competitive playing experience.

  • Easy Height Adjustments: 1-5/8 inch diameter telescoping poles, with push pin locking system that easily adjusts to official men's, women's, and COED heights.
  • Regulation size (32' x 3') Momentum volleyball net with reinforced 1-1/2" top tape.
  • Net Tension: double guyline with wishbone handles allows quick adjustments and with the sleeve net design keeps the net taut for competitive play.
  • Volleyball, 18 panel, machine-stitched Soft Touch volleyball with a nylon-wound bladder

While often imitated, Park & Sun Sports is the industry leader in quality and innovation and has been ahead of the curve since its inception in 1984.

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Tournament Momentum volleyball system includes everything needed for a fun and competitive playing experience.

2-Piece, 1-1/2" telescopic aluminum poles feature a push-button locking system. Seamlessly adjust to Men's (8'), women's (7' 4"), and co-ed (7' 8") playing heights.

Regulation size (32' x 3') Momentum volleyball net with reinforced 1-1/2" top tape.

Wishbone handle guylines allow for quick adjustments and ensure the net remains taut during spirited game play. 8" steel ground stakes ensure guyline system remains secure.

Pre-measured boundary line (60' L x 30' W) stays in place with 4’’ steel corner anchors. When not in use, the cord winder keeps lines tangle-free.

Set comes complete with our 18 panel, machine-stitched Soft Touch volleyball, hand-pump, and equipment bag making transporting and storing a breeze.

Sets up in minutes
Poles2" extruded aluminum poles
NetOriginal Sleeve net; 2" net tapes
Guylines5/16" rope with Pull-down handles
Boundary1" webbing with bungee corner anchors
Stakes12" Steel with stake bag
Volleyball8 panel, machine-stitched Soft Touch volleyball with a nylon-wound bladder
Weight21 lbs.


"Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else." – Vince Lombardi

Congratulations! You have the equipment, now it is time to give more than anyone else. And the portability and quick easy set-up of the Spectrum PRO will have you playing in no time.

Our new Slip Tube and Bolo Tie adjustment provides ease of net attachment and maximum adjustment for perfect net tensioning.

Net Attachment & Adjustment

Slip pole into the net sleeve up to eye-bolts, and place pole clip on the net to keep the net from slipping.

Insert the net rope cable through the Slip Tube, through the small eye bolt, and back through the Slip Tube. Use a Bolo tie loop as shown. Rope will tighten under tension. Note: Do not tie a knot.

Slip excess cord down into pocket or cut to 12 inches and insert into the top of the net tape.

Note: If bottom net tape is longer than the top tape, release more rope for proper net alignment.

Important Notice And Care For All Telescopic Poles. It is extremely important that poles are clean or cleaned before and after each use. This will prolong the life and cosmetics of your equipment and eliminate any potential jamming caused from sand or dirt entering into the telescopic poles.

Video Start time 0:54

Laying out your outdoor volleyball court

Survey playing area to assure a level playing surface and to avoid any holes or objects like sprinkler heads.

Unwind the boundary cord onto the playing area.

The boundary is pre-measured to the standard official volleyball court size 30 feet by 60 feet, with center pole markers and four corner anchors. FIVB or better know as short-court court boundaries are available as an adjustable or fixed webbing boundary.

Grab a corner marker, and place it to define the end of your designated playing area. Locate the next corner marker, and place it across from the previous corner marker. This will form one of your backlines. Repeat, until all four corners are placed down.

Video Start time 1:55

Setting up your outdoor volleyball net

Unroll net in the middle of your court. Place each pole by the coinciding pole marker on the boundary line.

Adjust pole height, to desired height setting, Men’s official height 8’, Women's official height 7' 4", co-ed height 7' 8". Repeat height adjustment on other pole.

Guyline attachment, unwind guylines, attach the swivel clip to the top of the outside pole, to the large eyebolt. Extend the guylines out to 45 degrees (approximately 8-10 feet apart).Tip: take two large steps away from the court, and 1 wide step to the left for one anchor placement, and 1 step to the right from the original center, for the second anchor placement.Grab the loop for the ground stake, and slide the Pull-down handle around 2 feet short from the top of the pole.

Video Start time 3:28

Anchoring your outdoor volleyball net

Anchor with ground stakes, by inserting ground stakes through the guyline loop. Insert ground stakes fully into the ground at a slight angle, facing your court. This prevents the stake from being pulled out of the ground. Tip: use a rubber mallet for driving in the ground stakes, rubber mallet not included. Once stakes are driven into the ground, stand the pole upright. Repeat on the other pole.

Video Start time 4:50

Proper Net Tension for your volleyball net

Pull-down on the guyline handles, until your net starts to tighten. Repeast on opposite side. Tension until pole is centered.

Maximum Net Tensioning:

Lean the base of the pole towards the inside center of the court approximately 18”. Pulldown on the guyline handles. Stand the pole upright, this procedure provides maximum net tension.

Free shipping is available on these items when they are shipped within the lower 48 US states. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or any country outside of the US will have additional shipping charges applied.

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Park and Sun Sports® set the standard for upper end outdoor volleyball net systems over thirty years ago with its telescopic, aluminum standards that adjust to three playing heights (men - 8’, women - 7’4", and coed - 7’8"), and the original slip on sleeve net design. The quality and innovations of these volleyball net systems continues as the Spectrum Classic™ and Spectrum™ 2000 still remain perennial favorites of tournament directors and competitive players. The Spectrum™ series unsurpassed for quick set-up and portability.

Park and Sun Sports® - Demand the original demand the best portable outdoor volleyball net systems for beach volleyball or grass volleyball.

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