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High quality portable Disc Golf Target Basket
Double disc set, putter, driver, and mid-range for ultimate distance and portability
Portable Disc Golf Target Basket at park near water hazard
Disc Golf Target Basket precision targeting on bridge
Disc Golf Target Basket, ultimate portability at Red Rocks


Complete Disc Golf System


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Take a disc golf target with you everywhere you go with this High-Quality portable Target

The Perfect portable disc golf basket. Create your own course on any terrain with this ultra-portable disc golf system. Complete with with two sets of discs, practice your aim with this steel Disc Pole Hole with heavy gauge chain set.

Set up is a breeze with a push-button pole frame and welded base with outer support ring. This set also includes 4 ground anchors to ensure stability.

Dimension: 26w x 52.5h inches

Best Portable Disc Golf Target - Steel upright, double Zinc Chain, Wire Basket - Putter, Driver and Mid-range Discs

Whether you call your Disc Golf Target a pin, hole, disc catcher, this Disc Golf basket with a high visibility, orange canopy with Quick-set chain hangers, is a sure hit. Features a 25 3/4” x 7” Deep wire 2-piece basket with knob connectors.

Black support swedge lock poles with protective powder-coat finish, with stable welded base angle with outer support ring with push button lock, and ground anchors

For ultimate control and distance, a double disc set consisting of
2 - drivers
2- mid-range
2 - putters

This Disc Golf Target is excellent for beginners or vets, so tee up and let it rip.

While often imitated, Park & Sun Sports is the industry leader in quality and innovation and has been ahead of the curve since its inception in 1984.
Sets up in minutes
Target Height of 52-1/2"
With Sturdy Outer Support Ring

High visibility 12” x 12” flAg and fiberg lass rod, Stable Welded Base with outer support ring and push button lock, and includes 4 base ground anchors for added stability
Durable welded wire canopy with
4mm zinc plated chain set

Quick-set canopy chain hangers and center pole ring
Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Construction
Durable Welded Basket, 25¾” x 7” deep, Durable welded sleeve lock wire basket
Double Disc Set - Disc Set for Ultimate Control and Distance.
2-Drivers, 2-Mid-Range and 2-Putters.
26w x 52.5h inches
34 lbs.

Tether ball SET Instructions

"Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else." – Vince Lombardi

Congratulations! You have the equipment, now it is time to give more than anyone else. And the portability and quick easy set-up of the Volley SPort Combo will have you playing in no time.

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