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Spiker STEEL portable outdoor volleyball set
Spiker STEEL volleyball accessories
Volleyball set with nearly infinite height adjustments
Spiker Sport Steel - Best Family Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

Spiker flex Steel

Family Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System



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Offers great playing performance for a recreational volleyball net system.

The Spiker Flex is a regulation size volleyball set that features a unique and innovative Flex-Net adjustable torque bar, which adjusts height setting incrementally, up-to men's 8' regulation, and distributes net tension evenly from the top to the bottom.!

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  • Easy Height Adjustments: 1-1/2 inch diameter steel poles, that swiftly adjusts to official men's, women's, and COED heights.
  • Regulation size (32' x 3') Momentum volleyball net with reinforced 1-1/2" top tape.
  • Net Tension: double guyline with wishbone handles allows quick adjustments and with the sleeve net design keeps the net taut for competitive play.
  • Volleyball, 18 panel, machine-stitched Soft Touch volleyball with a nylon-wound bladder

The Park & Sun Sports Spiker SL portable outdoor volleyball net system offers a great playing performance for a recreational volleyball net system. Quality components and easy set-up gives you more time for to play

Compact, 3-piece steel poles that are swedged for easy assembly. Slide the net location to adjust the playing height and lock in the height with the net clip.

3-piece premium steel poles measure 1-1/2" in diameter, Eye Bolt system allows for you set either men's, women's and co-ed playing heights

Features a regulation size (32' L x 3' H) Momentum net, Nylon blend net has a 1-1/2" top tape and is equipped with side straps to quickly attach to poles

3/16" double guy line with tension rings allow for quick adjustments that ensure the net remains taut, even during rough play

Define your court with the 3/16" diameter, pre-measured boundary (60' L x 30' W) which is firmly secured to the ground with corner anchors

Includes a Soft Touch volleyball, which lessens the impact to wrists and arms, entire set fits inside a heavy-duty polyester zippered equipment bag with carrying handles

  • Steel poles with push-button lock
  • Original Sleeve, slip-on, mulit-colored-flipable volleyball net
  • Pull Down guyline system
While often imitated, Park & Sun Sports is the industry leader in quality and innovation and has been ahead of the curve since its inception in 1984.
Sets up in minutes
Poles 1-1/2" 3-piece steel outdoor volleyball poles with 8' playing height
NetMomentum™ official volleyball size, 3'x32' volleyball net with 1-1/2" top net tape and slip-on straps
Guylines3/16" Double guyline set with tension rings
Boundary 3/16" rope with corner anchors
Stakes8" Steel with loop
Volleyball 18 panel, machine-stitched Soft Touch volleyball with a nylon-wound bladder

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